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Encordia is a boutique consultancy. With global expertise and flexible approach we take the time to understand businesses and drive impactful change.

Our Approach

The Way We Work

Driving impactful change from within, we tailor our methods to deliver long term, sustainable solutions. Understanding the diversity of our clients’ needs, at Encordia we foster collaborative relationships. By embedding ourselves within teams, our consultants, who have over 30 years of experience in back office transformations, ensure we deliver tailored solutions that set our clients up for success.


Working with teams to build a clear idea of the current operations, we start by understanding the business.


Working alongside our clients we establish a defined vision for the future direction and objectives of the business.


We enable clients to overcome their challenges, ensuring the seamless delivery of solutions tailored to meet project requirements.

We partner with our clients, injecting expertise and experience into client teams and their suppliers, to successfully deliver large, complex transformations. With our sleeves rolled up, we take accountability for successful delivery, whilst leaving a lasting client capability.

Martin Yapp
Managing Director

Tailored Expertise

Getting You Started

Though our consultancy services are fully customised to meet your needs, we specialise in five key areas.

Digital Transformation
Driving growth and innovation is essential to remain competitive and agile in the digital era. We specialise in transforming businesses, boosting efficiency, streamlining operations, and saving valuable time.
Management Consulting
Through in-depth analysis, recommendations and implementation support, we assist our clients in navigating challenges and optimising their operations for success.
Integration & Process Automation
We enable businesses to operate smoothly and adapt quickly, integrating digital technologies to streamline operations and increase efficiency.
User Experience
Enhanced user experiences and positive front end interactions are crucial to customer satisfaction. By prioritising intuitive design, minimising adoption barriers, and bridging user-business gaps, we ensure every touchpoint is efficient and tailored for success.
Data Optimization
Through thorough analysis and hands-on support, we enable clients to overcome challenges, optimise processes, and unlock the value of their data.
Digital transformation consultancy

Case Study

Automotive Manufacturer

Implementing and integrating a new centralised HR system to simplify and improve efficiency.

Digital Transformation is a team effort!

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