User Experience

Intuitive design, low barriers of adoption and solutions that bridge the gap between user needs and business objectives, at Encordia we enhance the user experience.

What is User Experience?

User experience centers on understanding and aligning with customer needs, creating interfaces which prioritise positive front end interactions for customer satisfaction, and business success. Every customer interaction is intuitive, efficient and tailored using the latest innovations and best practice to meet the diverse requirements of users.

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User Experience

Digital Design
To achieve great innovation and deliver true value, users must be able to navigate complex systems with ease. Mapping end to end processes which link customer and business needs and creating optimal user experience to drive engagement and effective use, at Encordia we take the time to understand what is important to you.
Mobile Application Build
Mobile applications (apps) support successful user experiences aligning with many business objectives. With a track record of building employee based internal apps and B2C apps used by millions of users, we specialise in creating innovative apps from concept to launch, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
Web App Build
We blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver seamless web solutions that are accessible via web, tablet and mobile. From concept to execution, we craft intuitive digital experiences tailored to your business needs.
Customer Experience Flow
From meeting to completing we design intuitive and simple solutions while meeting the demands of the business, product or service. Enabling first time and regular users to efficiently use the service with ease, our empathetic designs promote adoption and repeat use.

Case Study

Formula 1 Race Team

Creating adaptive, multi-platform applications for a leading Formula One team.

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