Management Consulting

At Encordia we leverage our expertise to provide advice, enhance businesses' performance and increase efficiency and productivity.

What is Management Consulting?

Our Management Consultancy services centre on helping organisations improve their processes and performance, solve problems, and achieve their objectives. We offer tailored advice and solutions, leveraging our expertise in business transformation, operational efficiency and organisational management to improve business processes.

Through in-depth analysis, recommendations and implementation support, we assist our clients in navigating challenges and optimising their operations for success.

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Encordia has a nucleus of highly competent delivery professionals. They augmented my team where we had gaps, led where we packed expertise and supported where team members lacked knowledge. They played a crucial role in analysing the as-is state business and technology estate, documenting the forward strategy and then helped us deliver on it. Over the past couple of years our risk profile has reduced dramatically, our technology has been overhauled, and most importantly, our retailers have access to a host of new revenue making opportunities.

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Management Consultancy

Business Transformation
Encordia helps businesses rethink and improve processes to be more flexible, efficient and competitive. We investigate organisational processes and help implement changes which align people, technology and strategy to drive value, efficiency and growth.
Operational Excellence
Operational excellence is the pursuit of efficiency, quality and effectiveness across business operations. We help clients to optimise their processes and foster a culture of continuous improvement to enhance agility, reduce cost and position themselves for long-term success.
Target Operating Model
A Target Operating Model outlines the blueprint for how a company intends to operate to achieve it's strategic goals. By defining roles and aligning workflow structure, processes and technology, we help businesses streamline their operations and ensure successful execution of business strategies.
Mergers and Acquisitions (ITDD)
To drive M&A success we aid businesses in consolidating companies efficiently, with particular focus on IT Due Diligence and Integration. we conduct comprahensive assessments of technology infrastructure and systems on a global scale and optimise integration strategies to set clients up for success.

Case Study

Multinational Service Company

Improving data quality and standardising global processes though an HR digital transformation.

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