Integration/Process Automation

Operations are streamlined and efficiency is driven with Encordia’s integration and process automation solutions.

What is Integration/Process Automation?

Integration or process automation is the implementation of technology solutions to streamline and connect business processes or systems. This enables communication between different systems within an organisation, simplifying processes, minimising errors and expediting task completion, enabling businesses to operate smoothly and adapt quickly.

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Integration & Process Automation

Process Automation
Business process automation (BPA) uses software to automate repeatable, multistep business transactions. Encordia will redesign your processes removing human intervention where appropriate, delivering scalable solutions to boost efficiency and productivity and save time.
Integration connects systems or applications in a seamless way, establishing organisation wide data exchanges. This can involve connecting applications, integrating IoT devices, or linking cloud services with on site systems.
Systems Integration
Focussing on integrating disparate systems or subsystems within an organisation, systems integration creates a unified and cohesive infrastructure. This requires careful planning, design and implementation to address compatibility issues, data synchronisation challenges and security considerations, and often requires redesign of key processes for optimal integration.
Our partner Workato is an innovative integration and automation platform, connecting business apps and systems to automate workflows and streamline processes without extensive coding.It enables a quick and low cost option for achieving digital transformation goals using thousands of pre built connectors, AI, and advanced automation features.

Case Study

Automotive Manufacturer

Implementing and integrating a new centralised HR system to simplify and improve efficiency.

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