Automotive ManufacturerData migration and process improvement

Implementing and integrating a new centralised HR system to simplify and improve efficiency.

Automotive Manufacturer

Streamlining HR Operations

This prominent automotive manufacturer wanted to streamline their HR operations. Their existing processes were over complicated, with multiple silos in their HR systems. Manual data transfers had become time consuming, impacting efficiency and accuracy. They asked Encordia to help to seamlessly integrate their new HR platform.

Our Approach

We assessed their current set up and problem areas, and provided solutions to those problem areas, including, as well as the new HR platform, the need for a more robust integration platform.

We implemented the new HR platform, which would act as a central hub.

We designed a scalable solution, using Workato, to develop automated transfers capable of accommodating diverse data requirements from different systems.

The Outcome

We achieved:

  • A new integrated solution, as well as implementation of their new HR system, eliminating silos and complexities by centralising and automating their data management
  • Significantly reduced labour intensity, increasing productivity with automated processes
  • Reduction in missed errors due to automated flagging and error reporting